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Spring indulgence


В днешния пост ще си говорим за новото начало. За това, за което всички копнеем – да намерим вдъхновение дори в най-тежките моменти, дори в най-мрачното време. Зимата все още не си е отишла, но това не трябва да ни сломява духом. 


Christmas cozyness

Коледа несъмнено е най-вълшебното време от годината! Разбира се, не заради подаръците и трескавата подготовка, лудото пазаруване и претъпканите молове… а заради топлия и свят празник, даващ ни възможност да сме със семейството, приятелите и хората, които обичаме /+ кучета, разбира се/ ♥️ Време, в което да се откъснем от хилядите дневни тревоги и да се отдадем на по-важните неща 🎄 


Cactus Lab – лаборатория за щастие

Този пост ще бъде изпълнен с много положителни и лични емоции! От страшно много време искам да ви разкажа за една страхотна лаборатория за щастие. В нея се откъсваш от ежедневните тревоги, запознаваш се с позитивни хора, докосваш се до природата и най-прекрасното е, че после взимаш всичко това със себе си у дома. Името на тази щастлива лаборатория е Cactus Lab.

Pinitcactus lab


Easter DIY

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Today I will give you ideas for decorating your home for Easter. Everything you do with your own hands will bring you happiness and unforgettable moments with your family, friends or your loved one. On Easter your house must be colorful, full of joy and gratefulness. Every decoration is important, when it is made with love. So let’s start working!


IKEA in collaboration with Katie Eary

Hello! Today’s post will be quite interesting, different and colorful. The Swedish giant IKEA yet again proved its professionalism and creativity by releasing this unique collection – a limited edition. The result is GILTIG and the man behind all this magic is not an interior designer, but a fashion one and her name is Katie Eari. She is known for her menswear and extravagant style, but clearly the collaborations in other areas of art are in her capabilities. The home accessories carry a one single purpose – to impress. If it’s fabulous enough, a single item can change a whole room. GILTIG is a collection made up of tableware that looks back at you and super-smart home textiles, plus lots of other stunning party pieces. After my meeting with the cats and thousands of brains on textile products in Gallery 2.0 in Sofia, where was held the presentation of products, I can definitely say I’m in love with the collection. The atmosphere was absolutely different and this certainly appealed to anyone who managed to see the fish, mermaids, brains and teeth on the daily objects we use. Yes, of course it is unusual and strange for a normal user of the minimalistic and Scandinavian style that IKEA offers us, but going right out of the comfort zone and taking the risk to make this collaboration, IKEA definitely won new users and only positive vibes.