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Code: HAIR / PART I: Shampoo

The theme today is HAIR. If I am honest, I’m not sure how many post should I do in order to express every opinion I have on this topic. But let’s start from the fact, that one of the most important “accessories” a woman should care about is her hair. Short, long, red, straight, curly, orange… it actually doesn’t matter. But to have an exact hairstyle, at first it must be healthy. I will not write tips like: “Do not use any heat! Wear only your natural colour! Make only homemade masks! Silicons are bad! etc…”. I barely know a woman who is satisfied with the hair mother nature gave her, besides, everyone of us needs a little change sometimes. I have a considerable experience with the destruction of my hair, which was long, curly, shiny and beautiful. After cutting it almost to my shoulder, being reddish and straightening it almost every day, I can proudly say that after more than two years of constant care, my hair looks quite good now. But still – if you want to see my natural curls – you have no chance but coming to the seaside with me.