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Autumn/Winter #OOTD

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Hello, my dearest friends! This outfit post is a little bit late, but it was made with a lot of desire and great feelings! Some of the pieces shown in the images I am also wearing right now, because the autumn-winter closet is one and the only difference is the change of the shoes and the jacket – the oxford shoes have been replaced by warm boots and the leather jacket  – with long black coat that prevents me from the minus temperatures during the winter. The dress I am wearing is one of favorite ones! It is from a bulgarian brand called LENA Fashion and I found it at one of the Culture Beat Bazaars, which I really love going to! They introduce different small shops and every product you buy there is almost unique. I love that feeling, that you won’t see every single girl wearing the same clothes as you!


Autumn, I love you!

Autumn. Melancholy, sadness, rain. But why? Isn’t it enough to look outside at the colorful palette that covers the trees, the ground? This rich of colours explosion can easily be transfered to our wardrobe. For me it is the most beautiful season – enchanting spell of warmth, tranquility and sparkle. The classic dark and neutral tones for the season will be always the symbol of this season. Shades of pink, red, orange. The important thing is to feel the beauty and to find this piece of clothes that makes you feel wonderful. For me it is the yellowish vest. Even the most boring outfit can be interesting, when the overall vision is completed. Our bad habit to buy only dark clothes during the cold seasons makes us melancholic in tune with the weather. For that reason you should always try to find that piece that makes your style unique.