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Hydrate your face

english iconHello :) Today we’ll talk about face hydration and which are my favourite products for this purpose. It is getting pretty cold outside and it is extremely important to protect the body part that can not be covered. The cream you are using should be very saturated and a tiny bit heavier during winter. Regardless of your skin type, the cream must be nourishing. I have a very sensitive and dry one, so the products I am using are even stronger. Let’s see my favourite face creams:

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Prepare your face with MAC

Today I will present you my most favourite products of MAC. I really like to use for my basis a one brand products – foundation, concealer and powder. A combination of these three just makes wonders to my face! The makeup lasts in every situation and there is no need to reapply them during the day. They are perfect not only for a daily use, but also for a heavier evening makeup.

Днес ще ви представя най-любимите си продукти на MAC. Основата на лицето като фондьотен, коректор и пудра обичам да са на една марка. Фирмите правят така, че продуктите да се допълват един друг, а тези трите в комбинация правят чудеса! Гримът върху лицето ми издържа във всяка една ситуация, дори няма нужда от повторно нанасяне по средата на деня. Според случая използвам различно количество от тях, идеални са както за ежедневието, така и за по-тежък вечерен грим.