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Life begins after coffee

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Hello! Sorry for the long delay in posting, but so many things have happened that I hope they will pass soon and I will again be up and running, full with new great ideas.

In this post I will show you a great idea for combining a daily comfortable look with quite elegant twist. Until recently, bold ideas were just in my head, but I didn’t put them in action. That’s  the great thing about having a blog – everyone can be themselves and express every idea. The green skirt is a big hit from my favourite store –Zara. It was definitely love at first sight! As someone who loves to wear black clothes from top to bottom, such a detail can change the outfit entirely. By walking along the coolest places in my city in these clothes I felt extremely confident and they did definitely grab the attention of the passers by. Yes, high heels may be not exactly the most  comfortable shoes, but you can always replace them for black ballerinas.

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A little piece of happiness

Today’s post will be entirely dedicated to those of you who like to craft, create and make people happy. Doing something with your own hands, spending time on it and and charging it with positive emotions, no matter now simple it is, is the true value of each gift. What you need is a great deal of creativity, desire and … DIY store things. Fortunately, in Sofia there are several places where one can get lost for a while, wondering where to start from and which idea to bring to life first. The ones I visit at least once a week are Slunchogled and Idea, but you can find inspiration in every small shop. You just have to use your imagination … and if you don’t think you’re creative enough (which I find quite hard to believe), then Pinterest can always come to the rescue.

Днешният пост ще бъде изцяло посветен на тези от вас, които обичат да майсторят, да създават, да подаряват щастие. Правейки нещо със собствените си ръце, отделяйки време и позитивни емоции в направата на нещо толкова просто, а всъщност толкова ценно- това е значението на всеки един подарък. Нужните средства са голяма доза креативност, желание и… магазин за DIY неща. За щастие в София има няколко местенца, в които човек може да се загуби за известно време, чудейки се откъде да започне и коя идея да реализира на първо време. Тези, които аз посещавам поне веднъж седмично, са Слънчоглед и Идея, но във всяко едно малко магазинче може да намерите вдъхновение. Просто трябва да използвате въображението си… и ако си мислите, че не сте надарени с такива способности ( което не вярвам), то тогава Pinterest винаги идва на помощ.

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Beauty Makeup

Too Faced Wonderland

Hello! Today’s post will be dedicated to my most most favorite make-up brand – Too Faced. Years ago when the brand was not yet introduced on the Bulgarian market, a friend of mine gave me a Too Faced eyeshadow palette and this was the beginning of the end…