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Be yourself. Be #Fusionable.

Пролетта дойде, а с нея и хубавото настроение и дългите топли дни. Нямам търпение за вечерните разходки, прекрасните моменти с близките хора и промяната на гардероба от хилядите пластове пуловери и якета със свежи, леки и цветни дрехи. Обичам в ежедневието си да ми е удобно за всички предизвикателства, които ме очакват. Затова и дрехите, които съм подбрала в този пост, са пролетни, модерни и много сладки!

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St. Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: for HER

english iconSt. Valentine’s Day is coming and each of us is wondering what to do for the loved one. I’ve made a list to help you, because I really know the struggle!

bulgarian language flagСв. Валентин наближава и определено лудницата при избор за подарък на половинката е почти тук. Този празник никога не е бил от най-най-любимите ми, но кое момиче не иска сърца, цветя и прекрасна романтична вечеря? Ако все пак обаче сте намислили да купите и подарък към всичко това и само любовта ви не е достатъчна за любимия човек, то ето няколко предложения за нея:

happy birthday mademoisellie

Happy 1st Birthday, Mademoisellie!

circleЧестит 1-ви рожден ден на Mademoisellie!

Пожелавам си повече време, по-малко оправдания и много, много вдъхновение!

2016 година не беше най-добрата година, нека си го признаем. Нито в световен план, нито в личностен. Да, постигнах много успехи, открих себе си и сферата, в която искам да се развивам, смених три работни места, завърших икономическа специалност и записах съвсем различна магистратура. Предизвиквах себе си все повече и повече с всеки изминал ден, докато не осъзнах, че не мога да съм добра във всичко. Разбрах, че съм заобиколена както от прекрасни хора, така и такива, които не позволяваха съзнанието ми да бъде на 100% избистрено. Затова се надявам през новата година да имам силите да направя всичко това, което знам, че мога да постигна. Все пак мечтите се сбъдват тогава, когато работим за тях!

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Bye 2016, Welcome 2017!

english icon Happy New Year, my dearest friends! I wish you all a wonderful, full of amazing moments New Year! I hope everyone is healthy, don’t stop chasing your dreams and be the best version of yourself! Love and be loved! Let 2017 bring to us peace, success and happiness!

2016 was the year of changes for me. I’ve had countless achievements and lot of downs. I found myself, i’ve lost myself. I’ve been experimenting, looking for my place. I’ve been changing my professional fields, challenged myself on a daily basis – the fate tested me, but I believe everything happens for a reason and the unpleasant moments teach us to be stronger! So I wish both myself and my blog, 2017 to be filled with many new frienships, new projects, many magical moments with loved ones and many, many trips to write here for! I am grateful to every one of you who follows me and I promise that from now on many new projects lie ahead and I hope there will be something interesting for everyone here!

And here are some pictures from the beautiful New Year’s Eve. I chose to be with a classic red dress, a little bit bold makeup and a lot of happiness and good mood!

fashion collaboration
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Casual Sunday

english iconToday’s post is filled with lots of joy, warmth and happiness! The weather is trying to remind us every single day that Winter is coming, so we should enjoy the last beautiful Sundays with our friends! Me and gorgeous Gabby from one of my favourite Bulgarian Blogs – Days with G., spent an incredible afternoon in long walks, hot tea and sweet talks. To communicate with someone having so much similiar interests and being such a positive person, is very refreshing! The idea to do this photoshoot came quite spontaneously. We haven’t even discussed our outfits – naturally we decided plaid scarfes, rubber boots and comfy clothes! I find this combination very natural, comfortable and beautiful. HUNTER Boots are my most favourite thing for Autumn/Winter Season, because they are not only protecting from the wet weather, they are also very cute and wearing them can bring you only incredibly good mood. I took the decision to purchase them very hard, because I’ve always thought, that they are a liitle bit overpriced. But since having them I wouldn’t change them for a thing! HUNTER are the most durable and impermeable boots I’ve ever had! And the red color is just something I couldn’t resist…

halloween makeup ideas
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Halloween Makeup Ideas

My most favourite month October is here and I just can’t wait for Halloween. I think it is a wonderful occasion for everyone of us to show creativity and a different point of view. Anyone can do almost every makeup, as long as you have the desire and patience, of course. Skills are not required – you just have to find the right clip on Youtube. Incredible artists are showing step by step how it is done and even from where to buy the materials. When you look at yourself in the mirror after finishing the makeup, the satisfaction is enormous and the feeling is amazing. If you are going to party, then everyone will surely be impressed (for the lazy ones there are stores from which you can buy everything – from fake blood to the mask of the man in the movie SAW). So let’s take a look at my MAKEUP looks from the previous years:

autumn outfit
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Autumn, I love you!

autumn Autumn. Melancholy, sadness, rain. But why? Isn’t it enough to look outside at the colorful palette that covers the trees, the ground? This rich of colours explosion can easily be transfered to our wardrobe. For me it is the most beautiful season – enchanting spell of warmth, tranquility and sparkle. The classic dark and neutral tones for the season will be always the symbol of this season. Shades of pink, red, orange. The important thing is to feel the beauty and to find this piece of clothes that makes you feel wonderful. For me it is the yellowish vest. Even the most boring outfit can be interesting, when the overall vision is completed. Our bad habit to buy only dark clothes during the cold seasons makes us melancholic in tune with the weather. For that reason you should always try to find that piece that makes your style unique.

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Into the woods


Hello! Today’s post will be quite different from my blog content. A month ago, my friends spontaneously decided it was time to try something new – to sleep in tents. WOW, right? Girls, who constantly take care of their appereance said YES without even a second thought. Being in nature is something divine and no other experience can be compared with the incredible feeling of freshness and freedom like the one waking up in the woods.