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Weekend trip to Melnik

Пиша този пост с цел всеки един от вас да се замисли колко точно струва една разходка из България? Защото оправданията на всеки един от нас стават хиляди с всеки изминал ден… от финансова гледна точка, от много работа, задължения и въобще една нерешителност, която носим в себе си. Този уикенд прекарах 2 дни в едно от най-красивите кътчета в България – Мелник. Бях забравила колко романтично и интересно градче е… Събуждаш се сутрин от лъчите на слънцето, калдъръмените улички те карат да изследваш всяка малка частичка от това място, а виното… само колко вино се изпи! Хотелите са малки, достъпни и страшно уютни – изцяло в духа на Мелник. И двата дни попаднахме на страхотни заведения, в които храната беше прясна, вкусна и разнообразна! А времето беше повече от прекрасно – почти 30 градуса!

City colours

City colours

Spring. The city awakens from its gloomy winter sleep to meet the beautiful sun rays. Days become longer, flowers bloom and we are ready for new experiences! I really love spring and the endless colorful pallette the nature provides! Our black wardrobe is replaced by an explosion of bright colours – typical for this season! Altough green is being “modern” this year, my all time favourite is RED. I love it from the bottom of my heart for every clothing, accessories, shoes – it really gives them more life than ever! Even the most boring black & white outfit can be renewed by the presence of a red accessory. A coat in saturated color other than beige, black and white – is definitely a must this spring! I’m a big fan of the cute pink coats, but I never found one to grab my attention. And until I find the “perfect” one, here is a great idea for an urban outfit – fresh, springish and with one of the most popular trends – embroidery on denim! Enjoy!

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Be yourself. Be #Fusionable.

Пролетта дойде, а с нея и хубавото настроение и дългите топли дни. Нямам търпение за вечерните разходки, прекрасните моменти с близките хора и промяната на гардероба от хилядите пластове пуловери и якета със свежи, леки и цветни дрехи. Обичам в ежедневието си да ми е удобно за всички предизвикателства, които ме очакват. Затова и дрехите, които съм подбрала в този пост, са пролетни, модерни и много сладки!

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Autumn/Winter #OOTD

english iconHello, my dearest friends! This outfit post is a little bit late, but it was made with a lot of desire and great feelings! Some of the pieces shown in the images I am also wearing right now, because the autumn-winter closet is one and the only difference is the change of the shoes and the jacket – the oxford shoes have been replaced by warm boots and the leather jacket  – with long black coat that prevents me from the minus temperatures during the winter. The dress I am wearing is one of favorite ones! It is from a bulgarian brand called LENA Fashion and I found it at one of the Culture Beat Bazaars, which I really love going to! They introduce different small shops and every product you buy there is almost unique. I love that feeling, that you won’t see every single girl wearing the same clothes as you!

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Bye 2016, Welcome 2017!

english icon Happy New Year, my dearest friends! I wish you all a wonderful, full of amazing moments New Year! I hope everyone is healthy, don’t stop chasing your dreams and be the best version of yourself! Love and be loved! Let 2017 bring to us peace, success and happiness!

2016 was the year of changes for me. I’ve had countless achievements and lot of downs. I found myself, i’ve lost myself. I’ve been experimenting, looking for my place. I’ve been changing my professional fields, challenged myself on a daily basis – the fate tested me, but I believe everything happens for a reason and the unpleasant moments teach us to be stronger! So I wish both myself and my blog, 2017 to be filled with many new frienships, new projects, many magical moments with loved ones and many, many trips to write here for! I am grateful to every one of you who follows me and I promise that from now on many new projects lie ahead and I hope there will be something interesting for everyone here!

And here are some pictures from the beautiful New Year’s Eve. I chose to be with a classic red dress, a little bit bold makeup and a lot of happiness and good mood!

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Casual Sunday

english iconToday’s post is filled with lots of joy, warmth and happiness! The weather is trying to remind us every single day that Winter is coming, so we should enjoy the last beautiful Sundays with our friends! Me and gorgeous Gabby from one of my favourite Bulgarian Blogs – Days with G., spent an incredible afternoon in long walks, hot tea and sweet talks. To communicate with someone having so much similiar interests and being such a positive person, is very refreshing! The idea to do this photoshoot came quite spontaneously. We haven’t even discussed our outfits – naturally we decided plaid scarfes, rubber boots and comfy clothes! I find this combination very natural, comfortable and beautiful. HUNTER Boots are my most favourite thing for Autumn/Winter Season, because they are not only protecting from the wet weather, they are also very cute and wearing them can bring you only incredibly good mood. I took the decision to purchase them very hard, because I’ve always thought, that they are a liitle bit overpriced. But since having them I wouldn’t change them for a thing! HUNTER are the most durable and impermeable boots I’ve ever had! And the red color is just something I couldn’t resist…

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Autumn, I love you!

autumn Autumn. Melancholy, sadness, rain. But why? Isn’t it enough to look outside at the colorful palette that covers the trees, the ground? This rich of colours explosion can easily be transfered to our wardrobe. For me it is the most beautiful season – enchanting spell of warmth, tranquility and sparkle. The classic dark and neutral tones for the season will be always the symbol of this season. Shades of pink, red, orange. The important thing is to feel the beauty and to find this piece of clothes that makes you feel wonderful. For me it is the yellowish vest. Even the most boring outfit can be interesting, when the overall vision is completed. Our bad habit to buy only dark clothes during the cold seasons makes us melancholic in tune with the weather. For that reason you should always try to find that piece that makes your style unique.

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My ideal weekend is spent with a cup of coffee and a good book. Hello! Today’s post is related to One Design Week, which took place in Plovdiv. It’s so nice when people create something so innovative, wonderful and exciting! I couldn’t enjoy it for more than one day, but I really felt the incredible atmoshpere in the Old town! This time I will let the pictures speak by themselves :)

Здравей! Днешният пост е свързан с отминалия One Design Week в прекрасния Пловдив. Толкова е хубаво, когато хората създават нещо иновативно, прекрасно и вълнуващо! Не можах да се насладя за повече от един ден, но все пак се докоснах до невероятната атмосфера, която цареше в Стария град! Имам голямо забавяне с постовете, тъй като ми предстои Държавен изпит – стискайте палци! И нека този път оставя снимките да говорят сами по себе си :)

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Flowers on my mind

Today’s post is entirely in tune with the weather – gloomy, cold … but it’s still spring. The sun and the degrees may not be on our side, but there is always a way to lift your mood, especially through clothes. The flower pants are quite brave decision, but combined with a monochrome top is absolutely stunning! So just be brave and don’t be afraid to experiment!

Днешният пост е изцяло в тон с времето – мрачно, студено… но все пак пролетно. Слънцето и градусите може да не са на наша страна, но винаги има начин човек да повдигне настроението си, особено чрез дрехите. Панталонът на цветя е доста смело решение, но съчетан с едноцветен топ/риза, е повече от невероятен! Затова просто бъдете смели и експериментирайте! Пожелавам хубава седмица на всички и много позитивни емоции!

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IKEA in collaboration with Katie Eary

201632_thle01a_05_PH131679Hello! Today’s post will be quite interesting, different and colorful. The Swedish giant IKEA yet again proved its professionalism and creativity by releasing this unique collection – a limited edition. The result is GILTIG and the man behind all this magic is not an interior designer, but a fashion one and her name is Katie Eari. She is known for her menswear and extravagant style, but clearly the collaborations in other areas of art are in her capabilities. The home accessories carry a one single purpose – to impress. If it’s fabulous enough, a single item can change a whole room. GILTIG is a collection made up of tableware that looks back at you and super-smart home textiles, plus lots of other stunning party pieces. After my meeting with the cats and thousands of brains on textile products in Gallery 2.0 in Sofia, where was held the presentation of products, I can definitely say I’m in love with the collection. The atmosphere was absolutely different and this certainly appealed to anyone who managed to see the fish, mermaids, brains and teeth on the daily objects we use. Yes, of course it is unusual and strange for a normal user of the minimalistic and Scandinavian style that IKEA offers us, but going right out of the comfort zone and taking the risk to make this collaboration, IKEA definitely won new users and only positive vibes.